Premium Hemp Shisha
Premium Hemp Shisha


Premium Hemp Shisha For Life’s Richest Moments.

Immerse yourself in sensory indulgence — made possible by the finest herbal blends of premium hemp shisha.

Relaxing as it is refined, Shisha Leafa embodies unprecedented modernity interwoven with rich cultural roots. Our belief: tradition does not preclude innovation. It enhances it.

Feel the difference for yourself.

Enter The Incomparable World Of Shisha Leafa

Experience Shisha Indulgance

Shisha Leafa is the leading provider of premium hemp shisha, a cleaner and safer alternative to traditional tobacco.

Our unique herbal blends create best-in-class flavors with a pristine, satiny finish, elevating your experience to match your expectations.


Relaxing as it is refined, Shisha Leafa embodies unprecedented modernity interwoven with rich cultural roots. The philosophy: Tradition does not preclude innovation. It enhances it.

Less Toxic Smoking

Nicotine Free, No Tobacco, No THC, No CBD.

For harmless, natural relaxation.

No Other Shisha Brand Can Hold A Flame To Shisha Leafa

American-made and world-renowned, Shisha Leafa offers the highest-quality hemp shisha for those willing to transcend the ordinary.

We believe that premium experience is not defined by products, but by the indescribable feeling that lingers long after you’ve taken that last inhale.

What do I need to get started?

You can enjoy the satisfaction of our premium Shisha with even the most basic hookah setup.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A hookah
  • Coals
  • Metal sheet/foil
  • Metal burner or stove


Hookah Shisha Leafa
Hookah Shisha Leafa

Setup Your Hookah

Fill the vase of your hookah with water, submerging the downstem completely. Attach the metal tray over the hookah stem and connect the hose(s).


Premium Hemp Shisha
Premium Hemp Shisha
Premium Hemp Shisha Bowl

Prepare Your Shisha Bowl

Break up and place your select Shisha Leafa flavor in the bowl. Sprinkle it loose enough so that air can pass through. Cover the bowl with a metal sheet or sheet of foil.



Light The Coals & Enjoy

Ignite the coals. You may need a lighter, torch, or stove pending the type of coals chosen. Place hot coals on the foil. Inhale smoke through the hose. Enjoy immensely.

Delicious choices

Select Your Favorite Flavor

Jillybean Shisha
Orange Chai Latte
Jillybean Shisha
Jillybean Shisha


Frosted Candy Cane Shisha Flavor
Lemon Berry Tart
Mango Shisha


Jillybean Shisha


New Hookahs for Your Perfect Smoking Experience

At Shisha Leafa, we are thrilled to introduce our newest additions to our premium hookah lineup. We now offer an exciting range of tabletop box hookahs, which are sleek, modern, and perfect for any smoking occasion. Our hookahs are designed with quality and functionality in mind, and we guarantee that you will have a seamless and enjoyable smoking experience.

Check out our latest tabletop box hookahs below:

The “E-Hookah”

Modern Electric Hookah

The e-hookah offers a modern, cleaner alternative to traditional hookah, providing flavored shisha without the harmful effects of coals. – Please Contact Directly

The Gen2

Modern Stainless Steele Hookah

Durable stainless steel meets an elegant glass base for smooth, flavorful shisha sessions. Experience superior quality and timeless design.

The “Box”

Modern Tabletop Hookah

Our box-shaped tabletop hookah is the perfect choice for those who value both aesthetics and function.

Rich, Flavorful, Delicious

Immerse yourself in sensory indulgence with the upper-echelon of herbal blends of pure leaf shisha.