Orange Chai Latte - 05/18/24

Potency – SL-OCL-051825-02V

Mango - 05/18/24

Potency/Microbial – SL-MAN-051825-01V

Cucumber - 05/18/24

Potency – SL-CUC-051825-02V

Lemon Berry Tart - 05/18/24

Potency – SL-LBT-051825-02V

At Shisha Leafa, we prioritize quality and safety in every product we offer. Each batch of our e-hookah products undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the highest standards.
Batch Testing and Transparency:
•Full Panel Cannabinoid Testing: Every batch is meticulously tested for over 20 cannabinoids, ensuring a consistent and premium vaping experience.
•Microbial Testing: To maintain the utmost purity and safety, we conduct comprehensive microbial testing every six months.
For your peace of mind and transparency, each product’s batch number is clearly labeled on the packaging, allowing you to trace and verify the quality of your e-hookah. Choose Shisha Leafa for a trusted, reliable, and enjoyable hookah experience.